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Physical Plant Department


Grounds Services

Manager: Rose Leland Office Location: Grounds Building, 50 University Road
Office Phone:  (802) 656-3866

Mailing Address: Physical Plant, 284 East Avenue, Burlington, VT 05405

UVM is Recognized by "Tree Campus USA"

In 2013, the National Arbor Day Foundation formally recognized UVM as an official Tree Campus.

UVM Campus Tree Inventory Map

Summer and Seasonal Employment

Students! Like to get your hands dirty? The Grounds department sometimes has summertime or seasonal opportunities to help with horticultural and grounds maintenance crews. For more information, contact Rose Leland UVM Grounds Manager.

Grounds tasks include...

  • Maintenance of all trees, shrubs and turf on campus, including mowing, trimming, weeding, planting, pruning, mulching, seeding, fertilization, watering, and leaf removal
  • Maintenance, snow plowing, and salting/sanding of parking lots, sidewalks, and roadways
  • Debris and litter pick-up, graffiti clearing
  • Fence installation and maintenance, drain clearing, trucking, and equipment repair and maintenance
  • Responsible for over 300 acres, over 200 acres of trees, shrubs, and turf, more than 2500 trees, 39 acres of parking lots, 15 miles of walkways, and 9 miles of roads

Recycling & Waste Management tasks include...

  • Daily collection of recycling, compostable organics, and solid waste
  • Oversee contracted waste services
  • Moving and trucking services for small jobs
  • Learn more about the UVM Recycling program

Our Steps toward Sustainability

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Safety is our First Priority
Our number one priority is safety. Aesthetics follows not far behind. Snow removal is always at the top of our list because it correlates with both safety and aesthetics.
Work is scheduled around major campus activities
We are in constant communication with other departments including Conference and Events Services (CAES), Admissions, the President's Office and other groups responsible for scheduling campus events. Software programs including FAMIS (our work order scheduling system) and ems, the campus events management scheduling software, assist in communications.
Landscape planning and installation
External architectural and engineering firms plan landscape designs for new projects. The Grounds department is consulted by UVM Facilities Design & Construction and Campus Planning Services in the early stages to review and comment on pre-construction plans. It is then where we can comment on any issues we find relevant and make sure campus standards are followed. Additionally, there are several campus committees that evaluate and approve the designs.
Sidewalk Placement and "Green Space"
The amount of green space is managed through Campus Planning Services and the Burlington Planning & Zoning Office. Sidewalk placement is typically part of the overall design with new building projects and is part of the site package. However, because our campus is old, it has developed in a "piece meal" fashion, which means that traffic plans are always a challenge.
Use of campus grounds for outdoor events
Ground conditions and the weather determine when campus areas are acceptable for outdoor events. Colder than average temperatures, late season snowfalls and spring moisture are typical situations that delay our usage of outdoor spaces.
Snow Removal Protocol
Police Services determines when we are called in on off-hours for snow removal because they are on campus 24 hours a day. During steady snow storms, we continuously plow and salt when the storm slows down. If accumulations are light and no plowing is necessary, we will apply salt as a preventive measure to avoid freezing conditions. Please report snow removal concerns to Service Operations Support.
Partnering with Landscape Contractors
Landscape work is very cyclical and seasonal in nature, so there are fluctuations in labor needs throughout the year. Contractors are hired primarily during the winter to plow snow and in the spring to help with clean up of the campus grounds.

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