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For Teachers

 TESOL Home Page
Includes categories of interest to teachers and learners of English as well as a search engine for other TESOL resources.

ESL WonderlandActivity ideas, links, course pages and more.

Jokes for the ESL Classroom

 Internet TESL Journal
Internet treasure hunts, jokes, crossword puzzles, and other games and activities that making learning English fun.

Interactive ESL Exercises for Students
Self- correcting practice quizzes for grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation.

Teach Korea!
Although these links and information are targeted at teachers of Koreans, other ESL/EFL teachers may find material here as well.

  Linguistic Funland
A stepping off point for TESL on the web.

Virtual Villages

 Englishtown: A Place Just for Teachers
Gather classroom ideas, learn about exciting professional development and employment  opportunities. You can even match your class to another somewhere in the world for Pen Pals.

Dave's ESL Cafe
Includes links to discussion groups, chat rooms, testing and assessment, lists of books on ESL/EFL, an Idea Page for teaching ESL/EFL, and an ESL Job Center, among many others.

"An Electronic, Xross Cultural, Hypertextual Academy of Non-native Gatherings in English." Links also to information on world cultures, world news and events as well as learning resources.

Research and Learning Aids

A companion site to the "Learn to Speak" CD-ROM series, this site has links to help the ESL student practice vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills.

Originating in Spain, this web site offers 10 levels of exercises for learning English, from beginning to advanced learners.   Each level will eventually contain at least 100 links to learning websites (at present, there are about half this number).

 Sharon's TESOLand Applied Linguistic Links
Lots of good links to big websites.

 BBC World Service Learning Network
Hotlists of interesting web sites which will  give you a starting point to investigate a particular subject like news, music or the environment.

 Ruth's Help Pages for Learning English
Contains links to dictionaries, translators, writing help, language games and ideas, and many others.  This site comes to you from the University of Helsinki, and is aimed at the global learner.

 Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
With the use of Realplayer,  listen to conversations and do listening comprehension online activities.

A web site for learners and teachers of ESL/EFL

Finding A Job

 Job Searching Online for Dummies

 The Internet Job Search for ESL

 Jobs in Japan

Teaching Vacancies in Israel--EFL
A "bulletin board" for listing both positions available and positions desired.  The postings are current and for schools all over Israel.

 The Peace Corps
As they say, the "toughest job you'll ever love"--openings all over the world.

 U.S. Department of State
Listings of private schools overseas.

 The Chronicle of Higher Education


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