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Audio files for Russian

These audio files are best accessed from within the UVM network or with a high-speed connection. To access these files, you will be asked for your UVM NetID and password.

Materials for Prof. McKenna

Russian 001 Vocabulary

Russian 51 Dialogues A

Russian 51 Dialogues B

Bronze Horseman, Part 1

Bronze Horseman, Part 2

Bronze Horseman, Part 3

Revizor, Part 1

Revizor, Part 2

Revizor, Part 3

Revizor, Part 4

Revizor, Part 5


RAILS Project - University of Wisconsin - Madison Russian Advanced Interactive Listening Series

Materials for Prof. Nalibow

Prof. Nalibow

Audio files for Russian 101

Dialogue #36

Dialogue #38

Dialogue #41

Dialogue #43


Home page for the Russian Program

Russian Program

Materials for use in the LRC

The Hermitage CD-ROM

Magnificent works of ancient art and European jewelry, works of famous architects, the best paintings by Renaissance masters and French impressionists. Includes all major artsfrom The State Hermitage collections. View over 300 images in full mode, including enlargement of details and musical settings. Read 650 essays written by The Hermitage art experts. Wander the halls that the Tsars once walked in the Maps mode. In Time Line mode, view the Hermitage and Art History in time in graphic form. Tour six principal topics through 15 minutes of video, accompanied by 30 minutes of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff played by the St. Petersburg Camerata and the Boyan orchestra. In English.

Learn Russian Now CD-ROM

This software helps the student with pronunciation and comprehension of the Russian language. Some cultural aspects of Russia are also covered. Practice dialogues, try crossword puzzles, compare your own voice with a native speaker.

Pronounce It Perfectly in Russian audiotape

A tool for those who want to develop their pronunciation to the level of a near-native speaker.

Treasures of Russia - Introduction to Russian Art CD-ROM

The "Treasures of Russia" brings to you the great churches of ancient Russia with their inimitable frescoes and icons of Theophanes the Greek and Andrey Rublev; the magnificent architectural monuments built in Moscow and St. Petersburg by Bazhenov, Kazakov, Rastrelli and Montferrand; the best paintings by Briullov, Ivanov, Repin, Vrubel, Kandinsky and Malevich. All major works created by Russian masters, both famous and obscure, are presented. Text on the disk is available both in English and Russian.


I am Cuba (Kalatozov, 1964, Russian and Spanish with English subtitles)

Little Vera (Pichul, 1988, Russian with English subtitles)

East Side Story (Ranga, 1997, German, Russian, Polish, Czech with English subtitles)

Russian links in art, education, history, multimedia

Russian links

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