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             Wie geht's audio and video material



            Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik


            Consult your professor regarding video material.

Home page for the German Program

            German Program

Materials for use in the LRC

1848 - 1949 Ein Jahrhundert deutsche Geschichte, cd-rom
Deutsche Geschichte von 1949 bis zur Gegenwart, cd-rom
Stimmen der Zeit 1900 - 1940,

Berlin Under Surveillance, cd-rom
Borchert Short Stories, cd-rom
Das Festgeschenck, cd-rom
Das Stenogramm, cd-rom
Das Wunderkind, cd-rom
Ein Fall für Zwei, dvd-rom

A German Movie Classic, cd-rom

Geselliges Beisammensein,
Grammar Pro! German, cd-rom

Learn German Now, cd-rom master program, 6 copies
This Transparent Language program offers listening, reading, writing, and
            speaking opportunities to students of German at a variety of levels.  The
            basic program is aimed at beginners; the following cultural add-ons are
            available for more advanced students:

Berlin's Metro, a Common Link
            Deutsche Fernsehwerbung
            Deutsche Welle aktuell
            History of Germany
            Ironies of Fate
            The Woman from Amsterdam

Let the Cows Fly and other German idioms,
The Master and Margarita, cd-rom
vhs video, BBC news features
Realtime German, cd-rom, 3 copies
Selected Short Stories by Kafka, cd-rom
Selection from Faust, cd-rom
Talking Translation Dictionary, cd-rom

Triple Play Plus! German, cd-rom



Berlin, die Symphonie der Großstadt  (Ruttman, 1927, dvd)

Das Boot (Petersen)

Das fliegende Klassenzimmer (Wigand)

East Side Story  (Ranga, 1997, dvd, German, Russian, Polish, Czech with English subtitles)

Europa, Europa (Holland)


Halbe Treppe:  Zwei Paare, eine Affäre und 17 hippies

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (Schlöndorff, von Trotta)

Olympia:  Fest der völker  (Riefenstahl, 1936, dvd)

Olympia:  Fest der Schönheit  (Riefenstahl, 1936, dvd)

Opus 1  (Ruttman, 1923, dvd)

Run Lola Run  (Tykwer, 1999, dvd, German/English audio, English/French/no subtitles)

The Lives of Others (Donnersmarck)

The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel) Schlöndorff

The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl  (Müller, 1993, dvd)

German links in arts, culture, language, media, literature

            German links

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