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Office of Undergraduate Research

Connect with UVM faculty engaged in cutting edge research -and once you have your own project, we can help fund travel, wages, and other expenses related to your research, scholarship and creative endeavors.

We can help you:

  • Explore Research, Scholarship, & Creative Interests
  • Find a research project that matches personal interests, classes, or past experience
  • Articulate your goals for the future –near and long-term
  • Find faculty with relevant interests to yours
  • Access a faculty database of current research
  • Begin to think of research and scholarship goals
  • Conduct research for positive change (community-based research and beyond)
  • Fund your research or creative endeavors (OUR grants)
  • Create a research budget
  • Troubleshoot research protocols
  • Navigate campus research protocols
  • Attend to risk and safety concerns
  • Complete financial reporting and accounting
Contact Information

Tel: (802) 656-5533
Website: OUR Website

University Heights North, Room 017B
Burlington, Vermont  05405

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