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    The Hub is your gateway to unique and enriching opportunities at UVM and around the world. 

The Hub

The Hub is closed during the summer. We will re-open on Monday, August 27, 2018 at 10am. Enjoy your summer!

Contact the Partner Offices for specific questions or interests by using the links within our partner page.


Inside and outside of the classroom, UVM is committed to helping you prepare for life after college. By choosing experiences like service learning, internships, research, study abroad, or quality part-time jobs throughout your four years, you’ll broaden your horizons and build skills you’ll have over a lifetime. The Hub is where you can get started and fully engage in this process; with the help of our dedicated peer mentors, you’ll be on your way to your own success.

Mission statement: The gateway for students to explore UVM and community experiences that will help develop their knowledge, skills and values, and support their long-term career success as global citizens.

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