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Hilberg Lectures

The texts of the following Hilberg Lectures are available for download. Please click on the title.

The texts of the following Hilberg Lectures are available in hard copy for a $5 postage and handling charge. Please contact to order copies.

  • Roseman, Mark. "Making Sense of the Murderers: Nazi Perpetrators in Victims' Eyes" (Hilberg Lecture, 2009)
  • Herf, Jeffrey. "Globalizing Anti-Semitism: Nazi Germany's Arabic Language Propaganda during World War II and the Holocaust" (Hilberg Lecture, 2010)
  • Stephenson, Jill. "Two Sides of a Coin: 'Aryan' Health and Racial Persecution" (Hilberg Lecture, 2004)
  • Zuccotti, Susan. "Two Popes and the Holocaust: An Examination of the Controversy" (Hilberg Lecture, 2002)
  • Kershaw, Ian. "Hitler's 'Prophecy' and the 'Final Solution' (Hilberg Lecture 2001)
  • Bartov, Omer. "The Holocaust: From Event and Experience to Memory and Representation" (Hilberg Lecture, 2000)
  • Mommsen, Hans. "The German Resistance Movement and the Holocaust" (Hilberg Lecture, 1999)
  • Hayes, Peter. "Culture and Context: The Shoah, The Germans and Us" (Hilberg Lecture, 1998)
  • Ryan, Allan A., Jr. "Investigating and Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals" (Hilberg Lecture, 1997)
  • Weinberg, Gerhard L. "Crossing the Line in Nazi Genocide: On Becoming and Being a Professional Killer" (Hilberg Lecture, 1996)
  • Friedlander, Saul. "The Demise of the German Mandarins: The German University and the Jews (1933-1939)" (Hilberg Lecture, 1995)

The texts of the following Hilberg Lectures are no longer available.

  • Eliach, Yaffa. "The Tower of Life at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum: Restoring my Vanished Shtetl" (Hilberg Lecture, 1994)
  • Bauer, Yehuda. "Is the Holocaust Explicable?" (Hilberg Lecture, 1993)
  • Browning, Christopher R. "The Face of the Perpetrators" (Hilberg Lecture, 1992)

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