Education and Outreach



Summer Archaeology Camp
            2000 & 2001



In conjunction with the University of Vermont Summer Field School 2000 & 2001, CAP archaeologists worked with local kids and volunteers on a pre-historic site in Colchester , Vermont.

Working with kids

Kids working in a unit


Screening for artifacts

Middle Woodland Potsherds

Making Pottery


 Camporee 2001





In May, 2001, the UVM CAP was invited to the Boy Scout’s Camporee at Camp Johnson in Colchester , Vermont .


Learning how to use the transit

Demonstrating how records

 are kept in the field

Boy scouts learning about Archaeology


  Vermont Archaeology Month 2002





As part of Vermont Archaeology Month, in September 2002, the University of Vermont ’s Consulting Archaeology Program hosted an open house with tours of the laboratory, exhibitions, and flintknapping demonstrations.


Retouching an edge on a tool


 2002 Phase III Excavations in Essex , Vermont





Students from local primary and middle schools visited this Late Archaic Period - Susquehanna Tradition site, dating from
ca. 1800-1000 B.C.  Excavations recovered several projectile points of the Susquehanna Tradition style, evidence of cooking hearths, and a two-holed gorget fragment.





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