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Phase III data recovery was undertaken by UVM CAP in 2000 at two sites located on the Alburg side of the MissisquoiBay bridge in northern Lake Champlain , Vermont.  Both sites will be destroyed by a proposed new bridge and realignment of Route 78.

The sites are both attributable to a late prehistoric Native American habitation dating to approximately A.D. 1300-1600.  Pottery recovered from the site is representative of St. Lawrence Iroquoian styles making the site one of the first well-excavated sites in Vermont to contain such types of Native American ceramics.

Fine-grained analysis of materials recovered from fire hearths at the site, which is ongoing, has resulted in the identification of corn among other plants- another rare find in Vermont archaeology.






St. Johnsbury



Archaeological investigations were undertaken from 1994-2000 at the Old Burial Ground, a historic cemetery in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, in advance of renovations at the Caledonia County Courthouse.

The cemetery was used from 1790 until 1856, prior to the construction of the original courthouse building. Most of the individuals in the original cemetery were exhumed and moved to another cemetery in town before the courthouse was built.  However, as it turns out, numerous complete skeletons and portions of others had not been previously exhumed.

Archaeological excavations were necessary to ensure that any human remains left behind in the 1850s were recovered prior to new construction in Old Burial Ground.  This work included careful study of each individual grave shaft within the proposed limits of the courthouse expansion project.


Several Projects under Act 250




Archaeological surveys carried out by the UVM CAP as part of Vermont’s Land Use and Development Law, Act 250, have resulted in the identification and evaluation of numerous important prehistoric Native American archaeological sites.  






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