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Officers 2014-2015

Chancellor: Samantha D'Amico

My name is Samantha D'Amico. I am going into my senior year as an animal science major. After I graduate, I would like to attend medical school. Last year I was the Sargent at Arms of Alpha Zeta and would like to continue my service to the fraternity by extending involvement. I am a good candidate because through my past year of involvement in Alpha Zeta I have come up with several ideas, such as getting Alpha Zeta more involved and linked with other groups on campus, that I think could improve the fraternity and would like to get the chance to try to implement them. Through my experiences with Alpha Zeta in the past year, I have developed the experience necessary to push our chapter to become even better and would love to get the opportunity to make some improvements. Thanks for your consideration!

Censor: Sarah Zeger

Hello! My name is Sarah Zeger and I am currently a sophomore animal science major with a pre veterinary concentration. I am hoping to go on to vet school after my time at UVM. So far I have been an active member of the pre vet club holding the positions of outreach and large animal events coordinator this year, and I will be one of two co-presidents for the club next year. I have also been involved with the Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management (CREAM) program, which is the student run dairy herd, solely managed by 13-15 students each year. I would like to be considered to be your censor for next year. My experiences thus far at UVM have helped me develop my leadership skills. I love working in a group and am excited for the opportunity to give back our UVM community and the local agricultural community. I am looking forward to becoming more involved in Alpha Zeta over my next two years at UVM and would be honored to be censor of the Green Mountain Chapter next year. Thank you for your consideration.

Chronicler: Olivia Powell

Hello everyone! My name is Olivia Powell and I am a junior animal science major. In addition to animals, I am also interested in foreign languages, habitat conservation, and writing. Once I graduate from UVM, I hope to find a career abroad in the field of wildlife conservation. I spent a month last summer volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center in South Africa which really opened my eyes to the effects of poaching, as well as the huge impacts that volunteering can make. Since then, I have enjoyed volunteering my time even more to help out with wildlife and environmental causes. I have realized that Alpha Zeta is an ideal group to get involved with. This past year I had the privilege to serve as Chronicler for the group. As the Chronicler, I had an awesome time meeting other members and volunteering at the AZ cider press, the Shelburne Farms harvest festival, and other events. I am running for the positions of Chronicler and Censor. I feel that with my experience this past year I could be a helpful asset to Alpha Zeta. I would thoroughly enjoy continuing to help plan future volunteer opportunities and to get to know more members. Thank you for your consideration!

Scribe: Sydney Friedman

Hello, My name is Sydney Friedman. I am a sophomore, soon-to-be junior, animal science student, and I have aspirations of becoming a veterinarian after graduating from the University of Vermont. I am running for the position of Scribe in Alpha Zeta. I believe I will make a good scribe because I am very responsible as well as extremely organized, and I am willing to put the necessary time and effort into the position. For these reasons, I would like to become the next Alpha Zeta scribe for the academic year.

Treasurer: Elise Bettendorf

Hello all! My name is Elise Bettendorf and I am currently a junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at UVM. I am a major in environmental studies with a concentration in health and a minor in food systems. I grew up in New York City, which has very much contributed to my passion for urban agriculture. Today, over half of the world’s population resides in urban areas. With this in mind urban agriculture is certainly a design that needs to be implemented and embraced to benefit the environment, communities and the individuals within them. I have worked in various urban green spaces with missions to mitigate environmental pollution, provide nutritious harvest for individuals and connect people back to nature—I hope to continue to do so in the future!

Sergeant-at-Arms 1: CJ Buzzy

Hello all, My name is CJ Buzzy and I am a sophomore in the PSS department studying Ecological Agriculture. My interests mainly revolve around the complex, yet subtle interactions that constantly occur between plants, the soil, and animals such as ourselves. I consistently find myself humbled by the incredible connectivity between us, the biosphere, and indeed the rest of the cosmos. After college I see myself applying my education to some kind of specialty horticulture or agricultural profession. I recently started an internship at Shelburne Vineyards and I could easily see myself becoming more involved in viticulture/enology. Through seeking office in Alpha Zeta, I would like to further strengthen and expand the ideals of this organization; borne out of group of talented hardworking people with a mutual world view. I'm excited about the prospect of organizing events that would benefit the Champlain Valley community and environment while continuing Alpha Zeta's mission of academics and camaraderie. Fraternally yours, CJ Buzzy

Sergeant-at-Arms 2: Flore Costumé

Hello! My name is Flore Costumé. I am sophomore studying Environmental Sciences at the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. I am a Village Leader in the GreenHouse Program, a leadership position where I am assigned to help a group of the first year students though their transition, both living in the program and being at college. I am also a co-chair of the Rubenstein’s Diversity Task Force, a committee of students, staff, and faculty whose goal is to make the school more inclusive and diverse. As a co-chair, I am responsible for setting up meetings and facilitate them along with organizing events to host guests, movie nights and an ALANA breakfast. I am also a member of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), a service co-ed fraternity on campus. On my free time, I get tremendous pleasure by watching films, reading books and giving out a helping hand to who ever needs it.
I am interested in the positions of Chancellor and Sergeant-at-Arms. I find that both positions would allow me to use my strengths while providing opportunities for growth and to create new connections within AZ, the greater UVM community, and Chittenden County. Also, I am really good at getting people riled up!!!


Advisor: Mark Starrett

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