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Picture of Fundraising Poster Participants fundraise throughout the Fall Semester. These fundraising activities range from writing letters to different departments on campus which might be able to support our work to selling grilled cheese sandwiches in front of Bailey Howe to carwashes and benefits concerts. Each year the group decides how it will fundraise money.
These fundraising activities raise awareness on campus and also help group members to get to know each other before our work in Mexico actually begins.

Our fundraising also allows us to heavily subsidize the costs to participants.

Picture of Participants Selling Grilled Cheese
Oaxaca, Mexico
Picture of Oaxacan Church Picture of Woman Making a Tortilla on a Comal
Picture of a Little Oaxacena
Picture of a Skeleton Statue
Picture of a Hut at Sunset
Picture of a Woman Making Straw Hats Picture of a Swamp
If you would like more information please email us we look forward to hearing from you.

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