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Sorry for the inconvinence future AWB members but our site is under construction!

You can apply to be a part of our 2011 trip by answering the questions on our application and emailing them to Also if you have any other questions email us at!


Who We Are

Alternative Winter Break is an incredible community service opportunity for those interested in quality direct service and understanding the geopolitical and economic realities of our region.

The program is based upon the notion that when two groups share an experience both come away with something they didn't have before. Put another way both the students providing service and the communities which we go to serve benefit greatly from the experience.

AWB partners with a local grassroots organization in Oaxaca named Community Links. This partnership enables us to give the direct service that the communities themselves feel they need rather than deciding on our own what the communities need. It also enables us to share food, shelter and work with the communities we visit - thus having the opportunity to get a real understanding of daily life in Mexico.

Mexico is constantly in the U.S. news. Recently sending troops to the U.S. to aid with rescue and humanitarian aid on the Gulf Cost. More commonly it is in the news in more negative ways, especially when it comes to stories on illegal immigration from Mexico. This program allows you to explore the reasons behind these headlines and to begin to understand the regional and global geopolitical issues that tint popular views of Mexico in this country.

In addition to the experience in Mexico you also have the opportunity to develop a community here with the other members of the group. As a student led group we get most of our funding from fundraising. During the Fall Semester we will be actively fundraising through a range of different activities. Weekly meetings to discuss our itinerary, fundraising, readings, and fun activities allow you to go on the trip with a group of friends rather than a cadre of volunteers. And these friendships will last you a lifetime.

If you would like to view some pictures of work on campus and in Oaxaca click here and if you are interested in more information please email or call us at 656-7882. If you are interested in applying please download an application and drop it off at the VIA office (1st floor of Billings near WRUV) by September 21.



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