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Swipe Out Hunger

Did you know? A recent survey done at UVM in 2017 found that one in five UVM undergraduate students was food insecure within the past 12 months. If you are struggling to afford to put food on your table, you are not alone.

The UVM Swipe Out Hunger program can help. This program is intended to help students with short-term financial difficulties until additional community resources or a more sustainable funding model is put in place.

How Does It Work?

Students can get 7 swipes added to their Catcard (up to 14 swipes per academic year) to use in the unlimited dining halls on campus. To apply, talk to a UVM faculty/staff member and they can refer you to the program, or you can visit one of these offices on campus to apply:

Living Well, Student Health Clinic, CAPS, TRiO, Mosaic Center for Students of Color, Office of Student and Community Relations, Student Financial Services, Advising Center, Deans’ Offices, UVM Dining Dietitian.

For more information or additional resources please visit our website.