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National Nutrition in March

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This year for Global Chef, UVM Dining will be exploring the flavors of Slovakia. The creative Chef Lukáš Sol’ár hopes to share a bit of his culture by creating authentic Slovak cuisine. This hearty, rural-based cuisine takes comfort food to a whole new level. Chef Lukáš has quite a few events during his stay, and we hope to see you at these events:

  • Lunch at Waterman Manor - Thur. March 8; 11A – 2P
  • Dinner at Central Campus Dining - Thur. March 8; 4:30P – 9:30P
  • Tabling at the Marché - Fri. March 9; 8A –  10A
  • Lunch at Harris/Millis - Fri. March 9; 11A – 2P                       

Discovery Kitchen Classes

Avocado Toast Drop-In

Tue. March 6; 2P and Wed. March 7; 2P

Midterms are around the corner which means you’ll need a snack to keep you focused and energized, and Discovery Kitchen has the perfect one: avocado toast! This class will be a drop-in session for those who want to learn how to make a simple, delicious treat that’s rich in nutrients.

Make your own Veggie Burger

Tue. March 20; 2:45P and Wed. March 21; 5P

Don’t neglect your veggie-loving friends at the next barbecue! Veggie burgers are perfect for everyone and there are numerous combinations to choose from. Create you ideal burger combination at Discovery Kitchen.

Maplefest: Maple Granola

Tue. March 27; 2:45P and Wed. March 28; 5P

When you think of Vermont, it’s hard not to think about maple. We love it and it’s everywhere! Join the entire campus as we celebrate Maplefest; at Discovery Kitchen we’ll be embracing maple in the form of granola, vinaigrettes and tarts!



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