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Rape Aggression Defense System Spring Training

Self-Defense Course for Women

A self-defense course is being offered through UVM Police Services for all UVM women. It is a 12-hour course (held in four 3-hour sessions) designed to empower women, teach valuable defense skills, physical confrontation skills, and how to take control for yourself. You will learn how to use your mind, your voice and your body in this course.

The first 3-hour class is lecture style to disseminate information regarding crime awareness and prevention. The next two 3 hour classes are focused on physical self-defense techniques. The final class is a review of the self-defense techniques and simulation (optional) which consist of scenarios allowing the students to use their skills.

Enrollment is FREE but REQUIRED.

Class enrollment will be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 participants.

Spring 2018 RAD Course Schedule:

The classes will be on 2 Monday and 2 Tuesday nights from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. You are required to attend ALL FOUR sessions. Week ONE will be February 12 & 13. There will be NO classes the week of President’s Day Feb 19th. . Week TWO will be February 26 & 27.

To Enroll send an email. Please provide your name, contact phone number and your affiliation with UVM (faculty/staff/student/grad/researcher).

Location of class: UVM Alumni House 61 Summit Street Burlington

If you have questions or you’d like to speak with one of the RAD instructors; you can phone UVM Police at 802-656-3473 and ask to speak with any of the following instructors: Bill Sioss, Hilary Messier, Liz Felicciardi, or Sue Roberts.

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