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Local School Visits - Seeking Families

Do you have a child in the local school system? The Office of International Education can help organize groups of international students to visit schools to talk about their culture and home countries. This is a special way to infuse a global perspective into the curriculum and to allow UVM’s international students to contribute to the community. In past semesters, we have helped get students to visit classrooms at Christ The King Elementary School, Tuttle Middle School, and Colchester Elementary School. Sometimes there were for language classes, at other times social studies and history classrooms have enriched their discussions through a new perspective about a different part of the world.  We would love to grow our reach by helping in your child’s classroom.

We are starting to plan for the spring 2018 semester. If you can think of a classroom or teacher in your child’s school that might be well-suited for this opportunity, we would be thrilled to help create that experience for you. Preference is always for schools which are on the bus line or in walking distance from campus. A parent who can give students a ride allows for wider geographic reach.

Interested? Start the conversation by sending an email to Akol Aguek.