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November Discovery Kitchen Classes

For students with a culinary interest, the Discovery Kitchen is the perfect opportunity to learn to cook and discover the world of food.  Hosted by Executive Chef of Culinary Education Chef Sarah, the classes are designed to demonstrate how to create delicious food with simple, humble ingredients. However, classes don’t solely focus on teaching how to make great food; Chef Sarah emphasizes having a deeper knowledge of ingredients and having the proper skill set, skills such as pickling, meal portioning, overall knife skills, etc. This is a space meant to engage, inspire and unite people together under a common love: food!

With the upcoming Thanksgiving break, it’s the perfect time to learn how to make fantastic dishes that can be brought home for all to enjoy, gain some culinary knowledge and skills while making simple delicious dishes.


Cook Once, Eat Twice

Tue Nov 7; 2:45p and Wed Nov 8, 5:00p

Cook Once, Eat Twice class encourages students to understand the importance of portioning their meals and how to get the most “bang for their buck”. Instead of leftovers, it’s time to embrace “planned overs”; learn how one cooked meal can be enjoyed over a couple days with proper preparation.


Holiday Side Dishes

Tue Nov 14; 2:45p and Wed Nov 15; 5:00p

Every family celebrates the holidays differently and every family has their own unique take on a holiday meal. Bring home wonderful, homemade side dishes for the holidays or any special occasion.


Make Your Own Dumplings

Tue Nov 28; 2:45p and Wed Nov 29; 5:00p

Food is the universal language. It’s one of the few things that creates a global community because even if someone has never prepared a dish, they have certainly eaten one. The dumpling is one of those dishes that truly is universal, meaning every culture has some version of this delicious classic. It’s simple, tasty and easily adaptable depending on the filling.


Cooking classes held in Discovery Kitchen are open to all UVM students. Seats are limited so reserve your spot through the UVM Dining Guidebook app, which can be found in any app store. Classes, class times and a brief description are posted for you convenience.

The cost of the cooking classes is included in the entrance fee into Central Campus Dining. This can be paid with an unlimited meal plan swipe, retail points, CatScratch or cash.