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Flood UpdateSanjay Sharma

The historic McWilliams Bridge is a little battered but still stands! All animals were safely relocated and the Inn and Cheese Company were not seriously damaged. Grafton is open for business! See more post-Irene photos.

farmerThe University and Windham Foundation are partnering to make academic and cultural resources available in the southern part of the state. The Windham Foundation is a Vermont non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Vermont's rural communities. Together UVM and the Windham Foundation facilitate presentations for community members in the Grafton area, utilizing the expertise of faculty members and other speakers who visit campus. The Windham Foundation Lecture Series:

  • furthers the Foundation’s mission to promote the vitality of Vermont’s rural communities
  • focuses on land use, economic development, agriculture, energy, natural resources; relating current events to our area
  • creates an awareness of the resources the University provides to the state, including the expertise of its faculty, staff, alumni and other constituents

If you have an idea for a potential speaker, please contact Joe Speidel at 802-656-0299 or by email at

Past Events

Greg GauseProfessor Doug Lantagne- "From Hurricane to Harvest: How Vermont's Farmers and Food Systems Will Recover Post-Irene"- Tuesday, Nov. 1st

Doug Lantagne, Dean and Director of Extension at the University of Vermont led a discussion regarding the recovery efforts to assist Vermont farmers in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene's destruction. Doug's talk also focused on current and future weather events and how changing landscapes may effect Vermont and the region's food systems in the future.

Greg GauseProfessor Greg Gause - "The Arab Upheavals of 2011 - Why Did They Happen? Why Did We Miss Them? What Do They Mean for the U.S.?" - June 13, 2011

Greg Gause, Professor of Political Science, explored the extraordinary events happening in the Arab world, reasons behind the recent unrest, and their effects on the region, the United States and world politics. Thirty five people attended this lively discussion in the Phelps Barn. Professor Gause was interviewed on the National Public Radio show "On Point" on May 16. Listen to the interview.

Josh BongardProfessor Josh Bongard - "Smart Robots: Subjects or Masters?" - March 8, 2011

Josh Bongard, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, led a conversation about his research in adaptive (or smart) robots and the opportunities and implications of having them participate in our economy and our lives. Dr. Bongard and Rolf Pfeifer are the authors of a book called "How the Body Shapes the Way We Think: A New View of Intelligence" which discusses the connection between our thinking and our bodies. Read an article about Prof. Bongard's work.

Tom GilbertTom Gilbert - "Local is Lucrative: The Local Food Movement and the Resurgence of the HardwickEconomy" - September 28, 2010

Tom Gilbert, a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for an Agricultural Economy, discussed the success the Center has realized so far in guiding the Northeast Kingdom and its Gateway Towns toward a sustainable, economical and ecological food system. Over 40 people attended the discussion which was followed by a localvore dinner in the the Old Tavern.

Art WolfeArt Woolf, Ph.D. - "The Woolf at the Door: Troubled Times for Vermont's Economy and Education System" - May 25, 2010

Dr. Woolf, an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Vermont, discussed the future of the Vermont economy and how its ups and downs influence education funding.

Alan RubinDr. Alan Rubin - "Don't Just Say Ahhh: How to Communicate Effectively with Your Doctor" - November 10, 2009

Dr. Rubin, an Associate Professor in the University of Vermont College of Medicine, discussed how to bridge the communication gap between you and your doctor.

Amy TrubekProfessor Amy Trubek - "Local Food and A Taste of Place" - August 25, 2009

Amy Trubek conducts research and lectures about local food and terroir, a term used to denote “a taste of place” or the unique sensory qualities of food and drink due to the influence of the natural and cultural environment. Professor Trubek discussed these topics and her recent book entitled “The Taste of Place, A Cultural Journey Into Terroir.

Frank BryanProfessor Frank Bryan - "Vermont Politics and Town Meetings" - March 18, 2009

More than 50 people from the Grafton area attended the inaugural Windham Foundation/UVM Speaker Series event featuring UVM faculty member Frank Bryan. Professor Bryan discussed Vermont's unique characteristics and politics, and the way that Town Meeting has shaped community involvement around the state. The Old Tavern offered attendees a special dinner and dinner/accommodation packages.

Karen Meyer and John Bramely introduce Frank BryanKaren Meyer, UVM VP for Federal, State, and Community Relations,
and John Bramley, President of the Windham Foundation, introduce Frank Bryan

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