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The Intervale Center Partnership

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee consisting of members from the Intervale Center and the University will coordinate the exchange of information and discuss opportunities for strategic action together. The committee will include representation from UVM from these areas:

The Intervale Center will include representatives from their staff, their board, and their farms. The Steering committee will meet at least twice a year to discuss resources and projects.

Read more about the Intervale and UVM Memorandum of Understanding (PDF).

farmerThis partnership promotes collaboration between the University of Vermont and the Intervale Center to advance opportunities for teaching, research and scholarship, and outreach related to the enhancement of the health and sustainability of our complex and vital local food system. The partners will:

  • Facilitate access to knowledge, available resources, and technology transfer opportunities
  • Identify and promote opportunities for partnerships with UVM faculty and students, including internships, research, and community outreach
  • Identify resources to support the partnership and to communicate effectively with stakeholders about efforts made through this initiative to promote the health and sustainability of urban and rural communities and local food systems
  • Meet regularly to exchange information on opportunities to work together on teaching, research and scholarship and outreach related to local food systems and to integrate opportunities into strategic planning of both organizations
  • Provide guidance on how to measure outcomes from the collaboration
  • Recognize and communicate about successful collaborative action

Resources in the Community and the State

red leaf lettuceECOS Project (Environment. Community. Opportunity. Sustainability.)
Farm to Plate Initiative
Burlington Legacy Project
Center for an Agricultural Economy (partnership with UVM)

Resources on Campus

Community Engagement resources - includes links to academic service-learning and research programs, internships, and volunteers
Academic service-learning and research programs - a gateway for the Intervale Center and the community to engage with the University

Food Systems Spire
Food System Research Collaborative (Center for Rural Studies)
Center for Sustainable Agriculture (Extension)

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