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Center for an Agricultural Economy Partnership

farmerThe University of Vermont and the Center for an Agricultural Economy (CAE) are collaborating around opportunities for expansion and enhancement of the health and sustainability of Vermont's rural communities and vital local food systems. This sustainable community research partnership, guided by a steering committee of members from CAE and UVM, identifies and promotes opportunities for partnerships with UVM faculty and students, including internships, research, and community outreach.

Across the Fence aired 3 episodes on the UVM/CAE partnership.

Part One - The Center for an Agricultural Economy in Hardwick Vermont. Linda Berlin and Rachel Schattman, UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Part Two - The Center for an Agricultural Economy in Hardwick Vermont. Jane Kolodinsky, UVM Community Development and Applied Economics Department
Part Three - The Center for an Agricultural Economy in Hardwick Vermont. Allen Matthews, UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture

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"Good Eats and Hard Work in Hardwick, Vermont" (Eating Well Magazine, July/Aug 2009)

In addition, the partnership: red leaf lettuce

  • Facilitates access to knowledge, available resources, business planning, and technology transfer opportunities, and provides guidance on how to measure outcomes
  • Identifies public and private resources to support the partnership
  • Communicates with interested stakeholders about efforts made through this initiative to promote the health and sustainability of rural communities and local food systemsCarrots at Highfields
  • Addresses social, economic, and resource-based problems of rural people and communities and promotes the sustainability of rural communities with a new emphasis on local food systems
  • Seeks to broaden the parameters of the state and national policy debate by emphasizing the important role of rural, sustainable food systems to the well-being of Americans and our ability to support sustainable, integrated approaches for a secure regional food system
  • Builds on current UVM research such as farm-to school programs, national and international policies and their effect on the American food system, farmer entrepreneurship, agriculture and land use, on-farm and community energy use, obesity, consumer behavior, food security, and sustainable transportation systems

By engaging in this collaboration, UVM affirms its commitment to its Land Grant mission and to research and other activities that support the economic vitality and rural nature of the State of Vermont.

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