University of Vermont


Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the UVM Program Board?
The UVM Program Board (UPB) is a student-lead programming organization at the University of Vermont. It is housed under Campus Programs in the Department of Student Life.

What is UPB's Mission?
UPB's purpose is to develop and produce consistent and high quality campus programs to satisfy and reflect the diverse interests and social needs of the student body. Program Board strives to build and strengthen the campus community by entertaining and educating students.

Who's on UPB?
You! UPB is made up of students just like you - people who are interested in movies, music, educational opportunities, and having fun! All currently and actively enrolled full time undergraduate students are eligible to apply for Program Board, without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, gender identity or expression, economic status or class, or other protected identities.

Why should I join?
Aside from having a great time, you will have numerous opportunities to challenge yourself and develop valuable skills. Beyond event planning and production, you will be involved in training on communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, diversity and leadership. In addition, all members are given the chance to interact with many new people in the UVM Community. You may even get to meet celebrities and performers! You make new friends, gain valuable experiences, and build your resume - all from being a part of UPB.

How is UPB funded?
The Program Board receives its funding from student fees that are collected as part of the funding for the Davis Center. The funds are designated for programming that meets the diverse needs of the UVM community.

What has UPB done in the past?
Our past events include the comedians Mike Birbiglia, Dane Cook and Dave Chappelle; concerts by Reel Big Fish, Easy Star Allstars and Barefoot Truth; International Film & Food, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, midnight ice skating, and dance parties in the Davis Center. We also put on DC Delirium, Candy Shop and numerous other parties!