University of Vermont

About Us

About UPB.

The UVM Program Board (UPB)'s purpose is to develop and produce consistent and high quality campus programs to satisfy and reflect the diverse interests and social needs of he student body. UPB strives to build and strengthen the campus community by entertaining and educating students.

Executive Board

  • Melanie Schwed

    Melanie Schwed

  • Kevin Conion

    Kevin Conion
    Dir. of Operations

  • Kelsey Jonat

    Kelsey Jonat
    Dir. of Production

  • Kat Ford

    Kat Ford
    Dir. of Marketing

Arts, Culture, & Film

  • Charlotte Wonnell

    Charlotte Wonnell

  • Kara L'Italien

    Kara L'Italien

  • Vabessa Kahn

    Vanessa Kahn

Comedy, Speakers, & Education

  • Angela Russo

    Angela Russo

  • Arielle Holliday

    Arielle Holliday

  • Maggie McCarthy

    Maggie McCarthy

Concerts Bureau

  • Alec Donkin

    Alec Donkin

  • Alex McVarish

    Alex McVarish

  • Cal Spinelli

    Cal Spinelli

  • Jordan Ganz

    Jordan Ganz

  • Page Kasick

    Page Kasick

Special Events

  • Kathleen Doyle

    Kathleen Doyle

  • Katie Barton

    Katie Barton

  • Heather Ward

    Heather Ward


  • Rosie Doolan

    Rosie Doolan

  • Myles Schulze

    Myles Schulze

Production Team

  • Ali Colbert

    Ali Colbert

  • Amanda Leathers

    Amanda Leathers

  • Ana DiMarino

    Ana DiMarino

  • Benjamin Harbaugh

    Benjamin Harbaugh

  • Breonna Young

    Breonna Young

  • Brit Kelleher

    Brit Kelleher

  • Casey Adams

    Casey Adams

  • Catherine Dominick

    Catherine Dominick

  • David Waller

    David Waller

  • Dianaliz Russin

    Dianaliz Russin

  • Grace Mitchum

    Grace Mitchum

  • Jazmine Rodriguez

    Jazmine Rodriguez

  • Jenna Munger

    Jenna Munger

  • Katie Parker

    Katie Parker

  • Lizzy Healy

    Lizzy Healy

  • Rehana Pothiawala

    Rehana Pothiawala


  • Queena Hoang

    Queena Hoang
    Coordinator for Campus Programs

  • FM Muñoz

    FM Muñoz
    Asst. Director for Campus Programs

  • Brandon Meyers

    Brandon Meyers
    Graduate Asst., Campus Programs