Council For Unity:  Chapter President Welcome

Chapter President’s Welcome

I have a vision, I have a vision that this foundation that our current members have worked so diligently on, can be built upon. It can be built into a tower so high, and so strong, that we may become a lighthouse for our beloved university campus. It is with this vision, I hope to achieve many things with our council. I hope to unify our campus into a solid community, a community with a strong sense of place and rich and unique culture.

I hope to strive for a sense that we are united in the cause of a future with strength, strength that will create peace, a sustainable healthy future, a more friendly and higher level of moral, and a reason for keep our strength together. The world is so separated today, and Council for Unity is a great example of what can happen to make it better.

If you share these ideas, or have some unique ones of your own please join in and help us make the difference...


Cherise I. Brown Varela

Chapter President

Council for Unity at the University of Vermont


Unity is diverse...

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