University Event Services
Staff Members

For more information or questions please call one of our
University Event Services staff members listed below.


Photo of Allen Josey

Allen Josey


(802) 656-0562

Photo of Denise Zang

Denise Zang

Assistant Director for Marketing & Conference Services

(802) 656-3875

Photo of Heather Cochran

Heather Cochran

Assistant Director for Scheduling & Production Services

(802) 656-5664

Photo of Aide Ramirez-Shepard

Aide Ramirez-Shepard

Business Manager

(802) 656-0563

Conference Coordinators

Photo of Maureen Cartier

Maureen Cartier

Senior Conference Coordinator

(802) 656-8034

Photo of Renee Bourassa

Renee Bourassa

Conference Coordinator

(802) 656-0856

Photo of Libby Campbell

Elizabeth (Libby) Campbell

Conference Coordinator

(802) 656-0575

Photo of Romana Kurevija

Romana Kurevija

Summer Conference Coordinator

(802) 656-7938

Photo of Nicole Zarrillo

Nicole Zarrillo

Conference Coordinator

(802) 656-9624

Registration Coordinators

Photo of Jeff Warden

Jeff Warden

Registration & Technology Manager

(802) 656-5660

Photo of Sheila Emilo

Sheila Emilo

Registration Coordinator

(802) 656-5663

Photo of Katie Figura

Katie Figura

Registration Coordinator

(802) 656-5665

Photo of Samantha Platania

Samantha Platania

Registration Coordinator

(802) 656-4085

Photo of Louis Sightler

Louis Sightler

Registration Coordinator

(802) 656-5668

Process Coordinators

Photo of Sarah Bolton

Sarah Bolton

Office & Small Events Coordinator

(802) 656-7938

Photo of Michael Brevent

Mike Brevent

Event & Facilities Coordinator

(802) 656-9938

Photo of Jen Mitiguy

Jen Mitiguy

Event & Facilities Coordinator

(802) 656-3033

Production Team

Photo of Chris Sanford

Chris Sanford

Production Coordinator

(802) 656-8649

Photo of Cody Fernald

Cody Fernald

Production Specialist

(802) 656-5665

Photo of Joe Kilburn

Joe Kilburn

Senior Events Production Specialist

(802) 656-5665

Photo of Kenroy Walker

Kenroy Walker

Production Specialist

(802) 656-5665