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Panel 1 | Precipice or Crossroads: A Symposium on the Future of Public Research Universities

Panel 1: Changing Institutional and Instructional Models

  • What is the appropriate balance among the various missions of the public research university, e.g., "learning vs. discovery vs. engagement", or more pragmatically, undergraduate education, graduate education, professional education, research, and public service? Who should be responsible for funding each of these missions?
  • Should undergraduate education in public research universities be different from undergraduate education in other institutional settings (liberal arts colleges, community colleges, etc.)? What are the most promising, effective and cost-efficient pedagogies and technologies to support undergraduate education in the research university setting?
  • Are there desirable and feasible changes in institutional structures and in resource allocation models that would promote transdisciplinary collaboration in teaching, scholarship, and outreach without detracting from efforts to build strength in the disciplines?
  • How successful are the current paradigms for instruction at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional level in achieving the quality and cost-effectiveness necessary to meet national needs? What new models need to be explored?
  • What are the forces likely to drive major change in public research universities over the next decade? (Globalization? Technology? Lifelong learning needs? Changing financial models?) How can today's public research university prepare for tomorrow's possibilities?

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