Organized by the Office of the Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs | Dudley H. Davis Center

Blackboard Jungle 10 Symposium

The Blackboard Jungle 10 Symposium is designed to support UVM faculty, staff, and all others seeking to develop skills, knowledge, and a deeper understanding of diversity that supports excellence in teaching, service, and research. The symposium sessions are dedicated to creating “open spaces” where all members of our community can participate in authentic dialogue, valued reflection, and expanded learning to promote inclusive excellence for all.

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BlackBoard Jungle Flyer


Michael Bade, Dr. Cynthia Belliveau, Dr. Dot Brauer, Dr. Patrick Brown, Dr. Mary Burke, Dr. Jan Carney, Richard Cate, Center for Cultural Pluralism, Center for Teaching and Learning, Sarah M. Childs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education and Social Services, College of Medicine, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Continuing and Distance Education, Dr. Meaghan Emery, Dr. Alec Ewald, Dr. William Falls, Dr. Lacretia Johnson Flash, Dr. Cynthia Forehand, Dr. IIyse Morgenstein Fuerst, Diane Gaboriault, Dr. Nancy Gauvin, Graduate College, Dr. Sheila Gregory, Traci Griffith, J.D., Grossman School of Business Administration, Dr. Susanmarie Harrington, Dr. Wanda Heading-Grant, Dr. Lisa Holmes, Honors College, Em Huang, Dr. Jinny Huh, Dr. Rachel Johnson, Yolanda Jordan, Ben Kennedy, Wendy Koenig, J.D., Jes Kraus, J.D., Libraries and Learning Resources, Dr. Laura Lewis, Sam Louie, Dr. Nancy Mathews, Dr. Federick Morin, Kimberly Norwood, J.D., Dr. Gayle Nunley, Office of the Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Dr. Cathy Paris, Dr. Patricia Prelock, Dr. Mariko Silver, President Tom Sullivan, J.D., Provost’s Office, Eloisa Romero, Provost & Sr. VP Dr. David Rosowsky, Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources, Marthe Russell, Daniel Sanchez, Mara Saule, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Dr. Sherwood Smith, Dr. Annie Stevens, Chenoa Bah Stilwell-Jensen, Dr. Nagesh Rao, Becky Swem, Dr. Scott Thomas, Marie Vea-Fagnant, Dr. Lori Vick, Dr. Jim Vigoreaux, Dr. Thomas Vogelmann, Melanie Waldbrise, Marie Waterworth, Rezwana Zafar

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