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Guidelines for Requesting Facilities and Services

Guidelines for Requesting Facilities and Services Through Conference and Event Services

Use These Guidelines to Request Space and Services for Events Large and Small

Please note that in order for your reservation to be confirmed, you must submit your correct PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts String.  If you have any questions, please contact Conference and Event Services by phone 656-5665 or by e-mail at


Relevant UVM Policies for Requesting Space

Please submit your on-line event request form at least 5 business days in advance of the event. A guide to follow is that if your event is on a Wednesday, the event request form must be submitted by 3:00 pm the Wednesday prior to your event. If Police Services is required or the event is large, outdoors or high risk in nature, we may need up to 15 days to approve the event.

The information below is provided to assist you in completing the on-line form and to provide you with some basic information to help you plan for your event. Please contact Conference and Event Services by emailing or by calling 656-5665 with any questions or for assistance.


Tutorial on Virtual EMS


Outdoor Events

  • Cancellations for all outdoor events: Notify Conference and Event Services a minimum of 6 hours before the event or by noon on Friday if the event is scheduled for the weekend some charges may still apply.
  • Relocation to Indoor Facility: For outdoor events that are being moved to a "pre-planned" indoor rain site, please notify Conference and Event Services 24 hours prior to the event.


Sponsoring Department or Organization / Chartstring

  • When filling out the event request form, please be sure that the department or organization's name and chartstring are listed on the form. Missing or incorrect numbers may delay your request.
  • All Non-University groups requesting the use of facilites and services must call Conference and Event Services for details concerning eligibility, rental rates, and insurance requirements.



Sodexo Campus Services provides the campus catering services. If you are requesting catering, please indicate so on the Virtual EMS form.

  • If you are requesting that alcohol be served, you must receive approval according to one of the Alcohol related policies located at UVM Alcohol Policy website.
  • If you are requesting catering, please be sure to indicate the number of tables that will be required for the food set up according to the chart below.

Custodial Clean up is required for all catering events.

Description of Food Service

Number of Tables for "food set-up" Only*

Coffee service or breakfast
Less than 50
Coffee service or breakfast
50 plus
Less than 50
50 plus
Up to 100
100 plus
*Please be sure to also specify the number of tables and chairs required for seating space.
  • You may view photographs and "set-up" diagrams of space (more to come in the future) by going to the Virtual EMS site.
  • If you are requesting a particular room that Facilities Scheduling does not schedule, please call Conference and Event Services.


Service Fee Matrix

Estimates for Services provided by the University are as follows (rates may vary):

Fiscal Year '14 Rate/Hr
Trucking (tables, chairs, podiums, risers, bulletin board)* Conference and Event Services $26.25/hr
Set-up/Take-down (straight time) Conference and Event Services $26.25/hr
Set-up/Take-down (overtime) ** Conference and Event Services $39.38/hr
Public Address System - On Site Support Conference and Event Services $24.99/hr
Parking Direction Transportation & Parking $31.00/hr (per person)
Bus Charters Transportation & Parking $52.00/hr (incl.driver)
Security / Crowd Management
Traffic management & flow
Police Services $58.00/hr (per Officer)
Cleaning** Custodial $19.41/hr
$29.12/hr (Overtime)

* Conference and Event Services will deliver and pick up all items it provides at the standard trucking rate.
**Clean up is required for all catering events.


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