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The most detailed imagery and terrain models you have ever seen. All geo-referenced, ready for intergration into your CAD and GIS within 12 hours from the flight.

High-Resolution Imagery

Orthorectified true color or color infrared imagery with resolutions as high as 3cm. Horizontal accuracy better than 10cm can be achieved.

UAS true color

Point Clouds

3D point clouds, similar to LiDAR, generated through photogrammetric processing. The point clouds provide stunning visuals and are accurate enough to make vertical measurements to within centimeters.

Point cloud

Surface Models

3D solid surface models suitable for GIS and CAD analysis and deriving contours.

surface model

Feature Extraction

Turning UAS data to information.

3D crossection

Web Mapping

No need for fancy software, the UAS imagery can be viewed in a web browser.


Mobile Integration

Full mobile intergration, for any portable needs. See the imagery while on the move or on site.


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