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Life in the Matrix: Information Technology and Society

Sociology 296G, T-Th 2:00-3:15, Rm.100, 31 So. Prospect St.

Prof. Thomas Streeter
31 So. Prospect, 656-2167
Email: thomas.streeter@uvm.edu
Office Hours: 12:30-2:00 T-Th, and by appointment

This course explores how communication technologies -- ranging from the printed book to computers and the internet -- play a role in social change. Are computers and the internet changing the world? How has information technology shaped the character of social life in the past? Do new technologies bring people together, or do they drive us apart? Do new technologies have unintentional consequences? Or are they just more of the same? Why are there controversies over things like privacy, digital music, and free speech over the internet? What do we know about past changes in information technology and their role in social change? What can they teach us about current technological shifts?

This course will have a strong research component. You won't learn everything there is to know about information technology and society (no one person knows it all), but you will learn how to find and make sense of information and ideas about information technology and society. This is why research, research skills, and your research paper will be a central component of this course.

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