Community Colleges

Community College participation and endorsement will be integral to the success of a National Transportation Workforce Development Strategy.

Working with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), information was collected on what community colleges are currently teaching and what they could do to provide for greater engagement in transportation workforce development efforts.

Research results suggest that a solid foundation exists within community colleges to deliver transportation-related training, but that additional investment and co┬Čordination will be necessary to support future workforce needs. The final report addresses best practices for community colleges looking to increase their transportation programs and recommendations for how the USDOT can best stimulate and support the evolution of community colleges as a key pillar in transportation workforce development.

The TRC has worked with the Community College of Vermont (CCV) craft a new Associated Degree Program (Applied Business Practices) with a transportation focus, and to coordinate CCVs role to be an active part of career pathways to specific transportation jobs for incoming students as well as a bridge option for second career workers looking to transfer skills to the field.

Incumbent transportation workers seeking new opportunity will also be able to benefit from the programs to establish further their education and new credentials. The Community College partnership offers the opportunity to coordinate efforts from high school programs through college and graduate level studies and continuing educational opportunities for workers to enter and excel in the field of transportation.