Vtrans RFP details

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) has requested that the TRC consider UTC co-funding for some projects selected in the RAC RFP, which were announced July 13, 2011. (Please note that these funds are distinct from the UTC Spire RFP).

You may request UTC funds of $1 for every $2 requested from VTrans if your VTrans proposal falls within at least one of the TRC focus areas listed below. Your VTrans proposal can serve as your proposal for UTC funds; however, a letter of intent must be provided to the TRC by September 7, 2011.

The VTrans budget must be routed through OSP as part of the usual external proposal. The Letter of Intent should be submitted to transctr@uvm.edu by September 7, 2011, along with your VTrans proposal and the OSP budget for the VTrans proposal.

  1. Integrated Transportation & Land Use Modeling
  2. Tailpipe Emissions and Other Environmental Impacts
  3. Tourism Travel
  4. Mobility, Livability, and Seasonality
  5. Transportation Energy and System Efficiency

In summary, an application for joint funding must include the VTrans proposal, the VTrans budget as routed by OSP and a Letter of Intent. For questions please contact Karen Glitman.