Driver Behavior

Principal Investigator: James Sullivan

Funding Agency: US DOT

Project Summary

In this project, we assess the benefits of reducing or eliminating idling by privately-owned vehicle (POVs) in Vermont by seeking data on the extent and seasonal variation of idling. The objectives of this project are to answer the following:

  1. How much do Vermonters idle their privately-owned motor vehicles?
  2. Are there seasonal variations in this idling behavior?
  3. If there are seasonal variations in idling behavior, what are they?

To support finding answers to these questions, the research team will instrument 20 POVs for two weeks in the winter months and gather second-by-second driving data to develop a comprehensive assessment of winter idling by POVs in Vermont. Summer idling has been measured in a separate project. A framework will be developed for understanding the types and locations of idling within routine travel and use this framework to measure the amount of idling by type in the dataset. Once collected, the data will be analyzed to determine how much efficiency can be gained by reducing or eliminating idling by POVs.