Mechanical and Economic Performance of an Electric Car Utilizing the Zebra Battery Technology in Vermont

Principal Investigator: Dr. Walter Varhue (College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences)
Funding Agency: US DOT

Project Summary

Due to its hilly terrain and cold climate, Vermont offers a unique environment for testing the performance of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. In this study, researchers evaluated the performance of a battery electric vehicle.

EVermont converted a 2005 Toyota Echo from an internal combustion engine automobile to a battery powered electric vehicle. The researchers examined the overall performance of this vehicle in daily use. In particular, they investigated the influence of air temperature and internal battery temperature on vehicle performance. Additionally, Dr. Varhue considered the economic cost of operating this vehicle. Data was collected over a period of nine months and 260 trips totaling over 5,500 miles traveled. The yearly range of the vehicle in this study was found to be 67 miles, with an estimated energy cost of 7.7 cents per mile.

Technology Transfer