Help Improve Transportation for All Vermonters - Volunteers Needed

Free $25 Gas Card for Study Volunteers

The purpose of this study is to gather second-by-second driving behavior data in order to create more accurate computer simulation-modeling. To volunteer for this study, please complete the Volunteer Information Questionnaire. After completing this questionnaire, a staff member from the University of Vermont will contact you to arrange a convenient place/time to equip your vehicle with a small GPS and OBD device and you will be asked to use your vehicle to travel as you normally would for a period of 10 days. These devices plug into the on-board diagnostic and DC power outlets in your vehicle. All data collected will be anonymous and strictly confidential.

Participants selected for the study will receive a pre-paid mailer to return the instrument after ten days of data have been recorded. A $25 gas card will be provided to all study participants.

Please note drivers of hybrid vehicles and vehicles manufactured prior to 1997 ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in this study due to incompatibility between these vehicles and the data collection devices. Addison County residents will be given priority when scheduling volunteers.

Click here to access the Volunteer Information Questionnaire.