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NETC Organizational Structure

Member Departments of Transportation
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Maine Department of Transportation
Massachusetts Department of Transportation

New Hampshire Department of Transportation
Rhode Island Department of Transportation
Vermont Agency of Transportation
Member Universities
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
University of Maine, Orono, ME
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Note: Each of the member Departments of Transportation has designated a University, usually a state land-grant University, to participate with them in molding an effective program of research and development.
NETC Lead State
Policy Committee
The NETC operates under the governance of the Policy Committee which consists of the Chief Administrative Officials from the six state transportation agencies. The Policy Committee selects a Chairperson. FHWA designates an Ex-officio member. The primary functions of the Policy Committee are to globally define the research, development and implementation needs to be addressed by NETC; approve the annual program developed in conjunction with the Advisory and Technical Committees; and, acquire/provide funding to carry out the program.
Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee provides direct and continuous liaison among the Policy Committee, the Technical Committees and the management of the NETC. Each member state of the Policy Committee appoints one person to the Advisory Committee plus Ex-officio membership by FHWA. Each University appoints one person to the Advisory Committee as a technical resource. The University appointee has no voting rights on the Advisory Committee. The University's role is to provide advice and counsel on the worthiness of the needs perceived by the participating states. The Advisory Committee recommends to the Policy Committee a state whose personnel shall function as Lead State for the NETC. The Lead State provides needed management functions and activities for the NETC. In general, the Lead State shall be the state from which the Coordinator is selected. The Advisory Committee selects a Chairperson by majority vote. The Lead State's designee is the Secretary of the Advisory Committee.
Technical Committee
For each project undertaken by the NETC, a Technical Committee is nominated by each state Department of Transportation and approved by the Advisory Committee to guide the technical aspects of the work. Each Technical Committee shall consist of one person from each of the six states and FHWA technically knowledgeable of the subject being studied.
Administrative Management
The day-to-day administrative management of the Program is vested in the Coordinator, a body or person, who shall be apart from the regular hierarchy of the NETC. Administratively, the Coordinator reports to the Lead State's designee. The Lead State and the Coordinator provide all services necessary for the administration and coordination of the NETC.
NETC Funding
The NETC created a regional pooled fund study, along the traditional FHWA pooled fund approach, to administer the Program. The Policy Committee determines the size of the Program and the amount of each state's contribution. The Coordinator administers the work, as necessary, to conform to FHWA pooled fund procedures.