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Nathan Reigner, 2013 Outstanding Student of the Year

2012 Student of the Year.

Nathan Reigner has been named the University Transportation Center 2013 Student of the Year. Nathan is a PhD. candidate with the Park Studies Laboratory in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. His research focuses on informed transportation management in the context of parks and public lands, in particular looking issues of crowding, conflict and carrying capacity.

Photo left: Ph.D Candidate Nathan Reigner.

Through his research, Nathan has realized many connections between recreation and transportation, including the influence transportation networks have on recreation use and behavior, and the simultaneity of transportation and recreation activities. These realizations have allowed Nathan to extend traditional transportation modeling techniques, including computational, network and simulation models, to recreation settings. He uses these techniques to investigate and inform recreation planning and management for optimized user experiences and transportation system function. 

Robert Manning, the head of UVM’s Park Studies Lab, and Nathan’s advisor, says “Nathan’s research has helped develop an understanding that conventional transportation management must often be revised and adapted when applied in the context of parks and public lands.  His research leadership has grown with each project he undertook, culminating in a large and complex study of the relationship between transportation and recreation at Yosemite National Park, funded by the NPS, and resulting in a special issue of the George Wright Forum.”

Dissertation Title: Monitoring and modeling indicators and standards of quality: multiple elements of visitor use
and experiential quality in outdoor recreation and park management