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Graduate and Undergraduate Transportation Courses

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Transportation Spring 2012

Courses offered in the Spring 2012 Semester by TRC Faculty and Associated Faculty, as well as courses eligible as electives in the Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Transportation Systems.

TRC 310: Transportation Systems Seminar (CDAE 392) - 1 CR

Introduction to the complex interconnections of engineering, policy, science and social science that characterize mobility systems. Seminar emphasizes academic research, articles and student writing.

When: Thursdays, 4-5:15pm at Farrell Hall conference room

Faculty: Assistant Research Professor Richard Watts, CDAE & Transportation Research Center

Contact the instructor for more information: rwatts@uvm.edu, 656-9775

TRC 314: Travel Safety and Human Factors - 3 CR

Whether you are looking at public policy, public health, community development or land use planning the topic of traffic safety looms large. This semester the Transportation Research Center is offering a unique course opportunity as part of its new Certificate in Sustainable Transportation Systems that will provide an in-depth look at Travel Safety and Human Factors. The course explores the myths and facts of traffic crashes and their causes. It will consider the data and methods used to measure risk and crash rates. Graduate students in any discipline are welcome to study the human, environment and vehicle issues that impact traffic safety. The course includes practice in proposal writing and analysis of large real-world databases. Topics include consideration of policy, regulation, technology and education as countermeasures used to reduce crash and fatalities. The course is taught in four sections:

Section 1 : Readings, lectures and student papers aimed to develop an understanding of the various aspects of highway safety, risk and rates by seeking answers to general questions and issues (human factors, behavior, performance, environment, and road design).

Section 2 : Lectures on basic statistical analysis that are aimed at establishing the skills required to measure safety indicators. (students with all backgrounds are welcome and have been successful with Dr. Aultman-Hall in this class at UConn and UK - statistical analysis software is used)

Section 3 : Case studies, demonstrations and guest lecturers on policies, technology and education countermeasures employed to improve traffic safety (including trucks, railway crossings, bicycles and pedestrians)

Section 4 : Students write a proposal in response to a "request for proposals" to use the real-world database of their choice to answer safety-related research questions.

When: Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:05-5:20pm at Farrell Hall Conference Room

Faculty: Professor Lisa Aultman-Hall, School of Engineering
This course is open to UVM students, as well as students at any college and community members who sign up through UVM Continuing Education

Contact the instructor for more information: Lisa.Aultman-Hall@uvm.edu; 656-1312.

PA 311 - Policy Analysis&Program Eval - 3 CR

A seminar providing hands-on knowledge in policy analysis and program evaluation using case studies of current analysis projects and problems. Specific techniques include planning, survey administration, forecasting, cost benefit analysis, and impact assessment.

When: Thursdays, 4-6:45pm LAFAYE L202

Faculty: Professor Asim Zia, CDAE

HP 304 - Contemporary Preservation Planning & Policy Seminar - 3 CR

This introduction to the professional practice of preservation planning traces the evolution of the historic preservation movement and examines contemporary preservation policy-making issues. Prerequisites: HP graduate majors only.

When : Tuesdays, 1-3:45pm WHEELR 101

Faculty : Professor Tom Visser

PRT 240 - Park and Wilderness Management - 3 CR

History, philosophy, and management of wilderness, national parks, and related areas.

When : M,W,F 1:55-2:45pm AIKEN 110

Faculty : Professor Robert Manning

NR 205 - Ecosystem Management: Integrating Science, Society and Policy - 3 CR

Integration of natural and social science into ecosystem management and policy. Consideration of ecosystem integrity, ecosystem degradation, human needs and values, and the application of management principles within a holistic context.

When : TTH 8:30-9:45am STAFFORD 101

Faculty : Professor Allan Strong

NR 206 - Environmental Problem Solving & Impact Assessment - 4 CR

Group dynamics, impact assessment, risk assessment, and decision making. Emphasis on the process of solving complex environmental problems, interdisciplinary team work, and the National Environmental Policy Act.

When : TTH 11:30a-12:45p AIKEN 102

Faculty : Professor Matthew Kolan

NR 245 - Integrating GIS & Statistics - 3 CR

Advanced approaches in integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and statistical methods to analyze quantitatively spatial patterns and relationships. Prerequisites: senior/Grad standing, one introductory GIS course, one introductory statistics course.

When : TTH 8:30-11:30am AIKEN 101

Faculty : Professor Austin Troy

ANTH 296 - Anthropology of Mobility - 3 CR

The goal of this course is to consider mobility (and immobility) as an overarching framework for making sense of the human condition. The approach we will take is problem-centered, the course being organized around six interesting and novel intellectual problems: Does a focus on mobilities reflect a paradigmatic shift for anthropology? What role do locomotion and mobility play in human evolutionary and cultural histories? How do particular technologies shape the practice and experience of mobility? How can we understand the social activities happening in places of transit? Where are the lines between desirable and undesirable mobilities, and who draws and enforces those lines? How do people create a sense of belonging in a context in which mobility is the social norm?

When: TTh 4-5:15 WILLIAMS 515

Faculty: Professor Luis Vivanco