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Graduate and Undergraduate Transportation Courses

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In Summer 2010, TRC associated faculty will be offering the following course in the area of transportation:

GRS 195: Bicycles, Globalization, and Sustainability

CyclistIn recent years the bicycle has enjoyed a renaissance as a form of sustainable urban transportation in many major cities throughout the world, primarily as governments and activists seek ways to reduce the social, health, and environmental problems caused by automobile pollution and congestion. In addition to exploring this global phenomenon, this course examines a number of issues relevant to understanding the complex connections between globalization, cycling, and urban sustainability. These themes include: theorizing contemporary forms of urban mobility and how transportation technologies, specifically the bicycle, relate to social change; the dynamic role of the bicycle around the world (primarily Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America) as a form of transportation; and the current adoption of the bicycle by urban environmental movements. This course will offer many opportunities to directly explore how issues around sustainability and cycling play out in Burlington, through bicycle "fieldtrips" to local organizations involved in transportation and sustainability. 3 credits.

May 24-June 18, 2010
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: 1:00-4:30pm

Prof. Luis Vivanco
Associate Professor, UVM Anthropology Department and
Director, UVM Global and Regional Studies Program

This course is open to UVM students, as well as students at any college and community members who sign up through UVM Continuing Education



Questions about this course? Email lvivanco@uvm.edu or call 656-1184