TRC Staff

Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan
Research Analyst
UVM Transportation Research Center

210 Colchester Avenue
Room 118
Farrell Hall
Burlington, VT 05405
Phone: (802) 656-9679
Fax: (802) 656-9892

Jim Sullivan began his career as a Research Analyst at the UVM Transportation Research Center after completing the Master’s Degree program in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UVM in May 2009. Since joining the TRC, Jim has contributed to projects in the research areas of land-use / transportation modeling and transportation energy / system efficiency. His modeling research has included application of three integrated-modeling platforms to Chittenden County, Vermont for testing and validation, reviews of literature for soak-time analyses and parking-search analyses, and implementation of a modified procedure of the Network Robustness Index (NRI) in applications to passenger transport in Chittenden County and bulk-milk-transport in northwestern Vermont. His transportation efficiency research has included conducting a comprehensive review and critique of methods used to measure transportation energy and/or system efficiency,  and the development of two new idealized transit networks for the state of Vermont based on the conflicting interests of energy-efficiency and social equity. The bulk-milk transport work resulted in a presentation at the Transportation Research Board’s 89th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC in January 2010. The transportation efficiency review and critique resulted in a presentation at the 51st Annual Transportation Research Forum in Washington, DC in March 2010. Jim has also had two publications come from his thesis work since graduating, one in “Transportation Letters: The International Journal of Transportation Research” and the other in “Transportation Research Part A”. Prior to his Master’s Degree program at UVM, Jim worked in the private sector in consulting for 13 years. Jim currently works on projects related to a statewide travel-demand model for Vermont, a new model of non-motorized travel in Chittenden County, a new tool to measure carbon sequestration from land-use change, the first attempt to measure idling behavior of private motor-vehicle owners in Vermont, and a new tool to spatially measure community-livability for seniors.

Specialty: land use, transportation modeling, transportation energy, network modeling, and system efficiency