Learn More: TCI Northeast Electric Vehicle Network

Through the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network, northeastern states are laying the groundwork for the region to lead the way in the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs), capturing the many economic, jobs, and environmental benefits associated with EVs. Participating states are also engaging in important planning work to remove barriers to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and ensure that public charging stations are placed in strategic locations that both maximize usage and facilitate interstate travel.

States will continue to develop the partnerships needed in both the public and private sector to build a robust network of charging stations throughout the region. Already, more than 540 charging stations are publicly available in the region, and more than 70 companies have pledged to work with northeastern states to support the deployment of EVs.

The Network was launched in late 2011 as a project of the Transportation and Climate Initiative, and includes the following jurisdictions: Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and communities in Maine. Funding for the initiative is provided in part by a nearly $1 million Electric Vehicle readiness grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which was awarded to NYSERDA on behalf of TCI. TCI states work collaboratively on the DOE grant with 16 Clean Cities Coalitions throughout the region.

The Northeast Electric Vehicle Network has produced a number of documents that provide information about electric vehicles to the public, government planners, businesses, and other stakeholders in the northeastern United States:

Information About Electric Vehicles

Brochure: Learn About Electric Vehicles and Their Use in the Northeastern United States

Electric Vehicle Information for Employers

Electric Vehicle Information for Local Governments

Electric Vehicle Information for Multi-Unit Housing Ownersm

Electric Vehicle Information for Utilities

Planning, Guidance, and Analysis Documents

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Deployment in the Northeast: A Market Overview and Literature Review

Electric Vehicle Siting and Design Guidelines

EV-Ready Codes for the Built Environment

Assessment of Current EVSE and EV Deployment

Creating EV-Ready Towns and Cities: A Guide to Planning and Policy Tools