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Visitor Parking at UVM

Beginning July 2018, the University's visitor parking and short-term parking payment options were modified. We have moved to a cashless payment system as a cost-saving and safety initiative, as well as a more convenient way to pay for parking. Cash and coins are no longer accepted as a means of payment for visitor or short-term parking on campus. Payment options at our customer service area at 38 Fletcher Place have not changed and are accepted in cash, check, UVM CatCard or credit card.


The term "visitor" is defined as any person who is not registered or pre-registered for classes and is not employed or temporarily employed by the University. University Employees and students may not park in visitor areas during restricted hours as posted.

Restricted Hours

The days and times posted at lot entrances, in front of or adjacent to parking spaces, pay kiosks and parking publications indicating parking is limited to permits, payment and specific customer groups. In circumstances where there may be a contradiction in these restrictions between the sign and any published information, the sign shall take precedence.


A means of paying for parking with your cell phone. Please visit Parkmobile to install the app and conveniently pay for your parking.

Visitors Parking for Special Events

The University is often host to special events where parking involves large groups requiring detailed and extraordinary planning in advance. If you are working with the University's Event Services Team for your planned event, you must indicate your parking needs to them along with the remainder of your event requests. The parking portion of your request will be forwarded to UVM Parking Services for approval. Further questions or concerns may be directed to the Parking Services Events Coordinator, Anthony Rock

Visitor Parking at the Fleming Museum

The Fleming Museum parking Lot is for visitors to the Museum and requires a special permit from them along with payment for the space during Museum Hours. During non-museum hours this is a paid parking area for visitors only.

Visitor Parking- Pay-To-Park Spaces-Pay Kiosk/Long Term

Students may not park in in these spaces during restricted hours listed below. These spaces are numbered on signs located at the front of the space, along with the pay kiosks, indicating visitor parking only. Accepted payment is pay-by-app, credit card or pre-authorized payment code at the pay kiosks located adjacent to the parking areas below. Cash and coins are not accepted.

  • Jeffords Visitor Lot-Payment required 7:00 am-3:30 pm, Mon-Fri
  • Gutterson Visitor Lot-Payment required 7:00 am-3:30 pm, Mon-Fri
  • College Street Visitor's Lot-Payment required 7:00 am-6:00 pm, Mon-Fri
  • College Street Visitor's Lot-Students may park in numbered spaces with payment after 3:30 pm, Mon-Fri.
  • Visitor parking is limited to the above locations during restricted hours with the exception of valid visitor permits authorized and issued by UVM Parking Services. Visitors are not allowed parking in any area which is posted indicating a permit is required. Vehicles found in violation will be subject to ticketing and removal from campus by towing.

Pay-To-Park Spaces/Short-Term

These were formally known as metered spaces which have been removed from campus. These areas are now posted with color-coded signs indicating the hours requiring payment, customer groups allowed to park there and indicate they are pay-by-app spaces. These signs are located on both Main and Residential Campuses for short-term parking. Visitors, students and employees may use short-term pay-to-park spaces in accordance with the restrictions posted on the signs. Be careful to note the signs and color codes as different restrictions apply. Permit holders take note: Your parking permit is never considered authorized in lieu of payment when parking in these areas. Regardless of whether or not a valid permit is displayed, payment is required.

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