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Commuter Brown Permit

Number Lot
1. Catamount West
2. Gutterson Garage (not mapped on this page)

1. Catamount West

com-brown-1-catamountwest_w298_h261 alt text

This Permit Allows You To Park:

  • In Gutterson Garage and lot (designated as "Any Daytime Permit"), in the following locations:
    • All enclosed sections of the garage;
    • Unenclosed parking on the middle level, top surface level and top deck of the garage in spaces demarcated with yellow lines;
  • In Catamount West Lot, "Any Daytime Permit" section;
  • In any lot designated "Faculty/Staff" weekdays between 3:30pm and 7:00am;
    Note: You must move your car before 7:00am to avoid getting a citation.

  • Check for posted "Lot Closing" signs indicating partial lot closure due to special events.
    Note: There is no overnight parking on the top deck of the Gutterson garage between 11:00pm and 7:00am from November 15 through April 1.

This Permit Does NOT Allow You To Park:

  • In any lot designated "Faculty/Staff" weekdays between 7:00am and 3:30pm;
  • In any residential lot, at any time;
  • In the ground level unenclosed area of the Gutterson Garage designated as FAHC parking;
  • For free in the "Pay By Space" area on the top level of Gutterson Garage (orange area on linked map);
    Permits must correspond with the lot restrictions as posted.

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