Pull - Push Mass Media Model        Donkey's push pull

+  The lines between push and pull are becoming more and more blurred with the continued development of digital media and increased sophistication of advertizers.  Most media messages are pull - push hybrids.

The classic definition of  PULL media:

You, the consumer, steer.  Pull media are passive, there if you want them.  Examples are the traditional media, such as radio and television, over which you have control to pull in a message.  You can turn them on or off.  You can pick up a newspaper, magazine or book and put it down.  You can go to a movie or not.

The classic definition of PUSH media:

By contrast, push media propell messages at you whether invited or not.  An example would be a recorded voice in a grocery store aisle that encourages you to buy a certain brand of cornflakes, as you pass by the cereals.  Push media are taking sophisticated forms on the web and new technologies are making the media more pervasive than ever.  They are always on.

Examples include: p
op up ads on your computer that push a produce that you have researched on the internet; an automobile windshield display with directions to nearby eateries; advertizing banners and links to commercial sites on Internet pages you visit.

You can program some push media:  a belt loop beeper that updates the score of a football game you can't watch while you're doing something else, for example.