University of Vermont

The Tower Society


Before the creation of The Tower Society in 1981, Mortar Board was the University of Vermont's female honor's society. Mortar Board was created in the fall of 1913 by six senior women for the advancement of women, who strove for leadership and service. Candidates for membership had to have, "good academics, fine character, willingness to assume responsibility, and to give time and energy to promoting worthwhile activities on the campus." Mortar Board called itself AKRAIA, which in Classic Greek means the highest, the peak, the top of the student body, due to its rigorous criteria for membership. In 1918, Mortar Board became the first national organization to honor female college seniors.

When Mortar Board decided to allow male members in 1975, there was no longer a female honor's society on campus, even though Boulder, the male honor's society, continued to exist without female members. To make up for the lack of a female honor's society at the University of Vermont, TOWERR (The Organization of Women Exemplifying Reason and Responsibility) was created in 1981. In 2008 the members of The Tower Society decided to expand it membership to include not only women but others who have been traditionally marginalized based on their gender identity or expression. With this, Tower changed its name from TOWERR to The Tower Society.

Through its years, Tower members have strived to live up to their organization's name by volunteering in the community and on campus and hosting campus events.

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