University of Vermont

The Tower Society

Mission Statement

The Tower Society is an organization composed of senior students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to academics, service and leadership throughout their college careers.


Article I

The Name of the Society

The name of the Society shall be The Tower Society of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College. TOWERR (The Organization of Women Exemplifying Reason and Responsibility) was founded in 1981 and changed its name in 2008 to The Tower Society.

Article II

The Purposes of the Society

The purpose of the Society shall be to bring together women and other traditionally marginalized gender identities who all strive to make a difference in the community.

Article III

The Functions of the Society

Tower seeks to promote the positive role of women and traditionally marginalized gender identities in the community through service, education and example.

Article IV


Section 1. The members of the Society shall be senior women and others who have been traditionally marginalized based on their gender identities in the University, with the exception of the Junior Link.

Section 2. Any individual elected to the Society shall be an active member until they receive a degree or ceases to be an undergraduate member of the University, or until the termination of their membership by expulsion from the Society according to the Constitution.

Article V


Section 1. The names of candidates for membership shall be proposed at the first meeting in April, two weeks before which, requests for recommendations shall have been issued to various Deans, Faculty Advisors, and members of the Society itself.

Section 2. The number of the recruited members shall be limited to ten and the Juinor Link.

Section 3. Members shall be chosen without regard to group affiliation or personal popularity, and they shall be those who have done the most for the University in their respective endeavors, and particularly in their loyalty to their fellow students and their university.

Section 4. The out-going members of the Society shall elect their successors by super majority (2/3rds).

Section 5. Election of candidates for membership in the Society shall take place no sooner than one week prior to the date necessary for subsequent announcements of the results on Honors Day, up to which time, the results of the election shall be kept secret.

Article VI


Any member violating the Constitution of By-Laws of the Society may be expelled from the Society by an affirmative vote of all but one of the members.

Article VII


Section 1. Regular or special meetings may be held at any time subject to the call of the current members.

Section 2. All voting shall be by roll call, each member, including the presiding officer, having one vote, to be cast in either in person or by written proxy.

Section 3. All business connected with election or expulsion of members shall remain secret.

Article VIII


Section 1. The offices of the Society shall consist of a president, secretary and treasurer.

Section 2. The Junior Link will hold the position of secretary until achieving senior status where upon they will assume the presidency.

Section 3. An election for the position of treasurer will be held at the first meeting of the school year.

Section 4. If a situation arises in which an officer cannot perform their duty, a replacement will be elected by a super majority.

Article IX

Duties of Officers

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings, and to call speical meetings.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Secretary (Junior Link) to preside at all meetings of the Society from which the President is absent, to call special meetings in the absence of the President, and to record the meeting minutes.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to take charge of all finances of the Society.

Article X


At the last meeting, current members will decide to re-nominate the incumbent advisor or to nominate a new advisor to be elected at the first meeting of the newly inducted members.

Article XI


This Constitution may be amended by a unanimous vote of the members cast according to the voting procedures specified in Article VII, Section 2, at any regular meetings, or at any meeting called for that purpose, provided that the amendment has been proposed at a meeting held at least one week previous to said meeting.

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