The UVM Top Cats Say ‘Hi!’


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The UVM Top Cats were founded in 1981, and have existed as one of the most widely recognized clubs ever since, becoming one of the staples of UVM's campus life. We are UVM's finest all-male a cappella group; a selection of UVM students bound together for the rest of our lives (or at least for around four years) by the cohesive powers of music.

We travel across the east coast throughout the semester, performing at other schools, but we also have twice-semesterly shows on campus and perform at various business functions, festivals, fairs, and the occasional birthday party or bar/bat mitzvah. In the past few years, we have even had the privilege of singing as part of the opening acts for Chromeo, Ratatat, and Rockapella! We have auditions at the beginning of every semester, and always love to see new faces, so we highly encourage you to come try out, even if you have had no previous a cappella experience.

Have fun exploring the site, but you should also probably go check us out on Twitter and Facebook (widgets in the sidebar), as we have an audio player on our Facebook page, and additionally, if you ‘like’ us, you can receive the updates that we send out in regards to audition times and show dates, etc, you know--in case you’re interested in any of that.

Also, as mentioned above, you can hire us to sing at your next big shindig! If you would like to book the UVM Top Cats for a performance at your next event, please email Andrew Fusco at with any questions you may have, along with any details that you can provide about your event. Thanks!

--The UVM Top Cats


In case you were wondering...

We may be the finest all-male a cappella group at UVM, but there are three other a cappella groups on our campus: there’s The Cat’s Meow, which is an all-female group, then there’s The Hit Paws, which is a mixed-gender group, and there’s the new group, Zest!