University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Theatre


The Mission of the Department of Theatre is to provide a high quality, broad-based liberal arts undergraduate theatre education through the academic rigor of scholarship, theory and practice.  We are committed to the following goals:      

  • To prepare students for multi-various careers in which they can apply the principles of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.
  • To provide rigorous academic study in the tradition of a liberal arts education that will prepare students for future graduate study, assistantships, professional work and internships.
  • To maintain professional standards in the production process.
  • To provide students with one-on-one mentorship in an inclusive, supportive environment that will allow them to excel intellectually and creatively.
  • To teach students the skills necessary to cope with the complex human, societal, and technological issues of modern society by remaining at the forefront of intellectual thought in our scholarship and creative work.
  • To provide opportunities outside the standard curriculum through professional workshops, guest artists, and educational travel.


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