University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Theatre

Courses Taught by Martin Thaler

THE 040 - Fundamentals of Costuming
Primary course in area of costume design and construction. Includes Lab. Fall Credits: 4.

THE 041 - History of Costume
Overview of period costume and its adaptation for the stage. Alternating Falls w/THE 042. Credits: 3.

THE 042 - Fundamentals of Theatrical Make-up
Focus on the development of drawing, painting, and sculpture skills as they relate to the creation of a dramatic character for the stage. Alternating Falls w/THE 041. Pre/co-requisites: THE 040 or permission. Credits: 3.

THE 140 - Costume Design
Elements, principles, and styles of design applied to the visual creation of a dramatic character. Prerequisites: 40; 41 highly recommended. Spring only. Credits: 3.

THE 141 - Advance Costume Construction: Draping & Flat Pattern
Explores the methods of creating period shapes. Students develop a sloper, fit it to a human body, create a researched and completed period costume. Prerequisite: 040. Alternating Springs w/THE 142, 143, & 144 Credits: 3.

THE 142 - Advance Costume Construction: Period Undergarments
Focuses on techniques for creating artificial understructures that support period silhouettes. Corsets, hoop skirts, petticoats, etc., are researched, fit on the human body, and constructed. Prerequisite: 040. Alternating Springs w/THE 141, 143, 144. Credits: 3.

THE 143 - Advance Costume Construction: Millinery
Explores methods of hat construction, including work in various media. Methods of shaping, covering, and trimming are researched, leading to the completion of hats. Prerequisites: 040. Alternating Springs w/ THE 141, 142, 144. Credits: 3.

THE 144 - Advance Costume Construction: Tailoring
Explores traditional methods of tailoring as well as practical adaptations for the stage. Research, discussion, and demonstration lead to completion of a period suit. Prerequisite: 040. Alternating Springs w/THE 141, 142, 143. Credits: 3.

THE 190 (F) - Theatre Practicum
Students actively involved in current department productions may earn credit for work on stage or backstage. Project proposals must be approved by department faculty and be of significant scope to qualify for credit. Prerequisite: Permission. Repeatable up to 3 hours. Credits: .5-3.

THE 197 (F) - Readings & Research Fall. Prerequisite: Permission. Credits: .5-9.
THE 198 (F) - Readings & Research Spring. Prerequisite: Permission. Credits: .5-9.

THE 200 (F) - Professional Preparation
Topics include preparing for auditions, portfolio reviews, interviews, and research papers for entrance into graduate schools or professional theatre venues. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and by permission only. Credits: 1-3.

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