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Department of Theatre

Archival digital copy policy

Currently each production has a photo shoot scheduled by our Marketing Coordinator. A professional photographer takes the photos during the final dress rehearsal on Wednesday prior to the opening of each production. This photo session will provide the department with digital copies, which can then be used for archival purposes, promotional purposes as well as portfolio materials. No other photographers are permitted on sight without previous permission granted by the Marketing Coordinator and the Chair of the department.

On the occasion that this session does not meet the needs of the department, an additional photo shoot will be scheduled. The additional photo shoot will be determined no later than the Wednesday before closing of the production. Images are taken of scenes chosen in advance by the production’s Director, Chair, and/or Marketing Coordinator. This photo shoot is typically scheduled for 12:00 noon on the Sunday of the final performance and should last no longer than one hour to allow time for prep time before the 2:00 p.m. performance.

All digital records are located in the marketing office and students must obtain permission from the Marketing Coordinator before using. All arrangements for copies must be coordinated with the Marketing Director.


Last modified July 25 2013 03:41 PM