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TEDxUVM 2011: Big Data, Big Stories

This TEDx meeting on October 28, 2011 was framed around Big Data. Many sciences have been transformed as they've moved from being relatively data-scarce to almost overwhelmingly data-rich: biology, astronomy, medicine and, more and more, the social sciences. Witness the explosion of work and interest in complex networks over the last decade, as well as large-scale astronomy surveys, studies of financial systems, and the Google Books project leading to Culturomics. In this exciting TEDx, we heard from speakers who are discovering the stories that emerge from the ever-growing data we collect.

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TEDxUVM 2010: Sustainability

The UVM Institute for Global Sustainability supported this TEDx gathering on July 19, 2010 to bring together business and sustainability leaders, students, and community members to hear talks by influential speakers focused on the theme "leading and managing for sustainability." Prominent leaders were invited, including Robert Egger, social entrepreneur and founder of the DC Central Kitchen; Jeffrey Hollender of Seventh Generation; Michael Shuman, an economist, attorney, author, and entrepreneur; and many innovative Vermont sustainability leaders.


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